In my opinion to SuperMemo UX

249/365 days to B2

I would like to share my opinion which you about SuperMemo UX. I have been writing on this topic since last year, but I didn’t remember where there posts are. I have learn English since 20 April 2016 on SM UX, but the first lesson I had bought in October 2015. It was SuperMemo no problem 2.
The application is very useful and I’m very happy to use them. Of course when I bought the extendetion version of the SM I had a problem. The synchronization was not working and I couldn’t study properly. Of course the problem was gone and I can enjoy of two calls between  PC to Android and Android PC. What kind of platform is it? Super Memo is a platform where you can teach a lot of words and phrases in very friend’s way. The main of method relay to many review simply phrases and words which you couldn’t remember. However I need to write on website forum and I have to use to help, because on my PC this synchronization didn’t works very well.

If does method is effective? I think that it is, but is only suggestion. You need to learn everyday. It is possible? Yes, because the SM not requires for you many hours to study. The most important is may to do it regularly!


When you have made a terrible mistake…

248/365 days to B2

Today I made a terrible mistake in my work. And I don’t feel good. I don’t know how the story will be the end… but I don’t know either what the other workers thought about my misfortune. I’m hoping that everything will be OK.

Bellow I added some photo on my notebook when I got started my English study.

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I’m not tired, I’m exhausted

247/365 days to B2

Repeats are very important if you want to achieve a spectacular success. Today I have done my homework 😉 and repeated all of phrases on my notebook. Sometimes I don’t know how I can do that. When I returned home it was very late and I was so exhausted. I would like to someone help me to my due. But still I don’t have a such wizard. Then both I and my fiance are so exhausted. I can’t drink coffee or no energy drinks. Sometimes I don’t know how many people are doing a few things in your live and they not tired. Maybe I’m not enough organizing very well?



Photography, my passion

246/365 days to B2

Today I’ll trying to write about photography and why does it my hobby. What sort of photography do you like?

When I was going to the upper secondary school I bought my first camera. It’s not a digital camera only old model type Zenit TTL. I remembered that I went to the shop and spent all of my money to buy it. I had a wonderful teacher from photography. Today, I regret that I could not take advantage of his knowledge respectively. But I was a teenagers. I took some landscapes, a bit portrait and macro or street photography. I had an own darkroom 🙂 and then I thought that I was great! Then, 18 years later many was changed. Many people have a digital camera and take a few photos. There are a lot of photography blogs about photography and a lot of tips like it: How to take a better shot? – we give you advise and you’ll be great! Many bookshop is running on the book published houses which give us very not real tips. Why? I’d like to explain you. Because it not a great book, website or wonderful digital camera doing with you a great photographer. In today’s world people take some photos, because each of them may have to a camera. They are too able to take a some pictures, but their can’t take a great shot! Why? Because they don’t have a knowledge who should have it. Many of them has never had a camera plates. They have never seen how to call the fim (developing tank) and then take a prints. It was an amazing feeling when you can do it myself. If you not, and if you have a luck you can find a teacher who will be teach you. My story is very simple and I think that they write down myself. When I took the pictures I have been seen another different world. The  photography taught me more and more around the area which you look at in this moment. I think that it is a tremendous support.
I’m really happy when I catch on the great shot! The photography develop your talented passion, and imaginations.

Of course, I changed my old camera to new digital version, and the old printings follows on digital shots I have been buying  a two camera. The second was Zenit 122 (modern camera) and then only 13 years later – FujiFilm5700. It was a hybryda, but I didn’t know about it and I bought it. At least when I was young I bought a real reflex camera (camera digital SLR) and I have got it today. Photography is my childhood dreaming, when I didn’t have money to buy it and I was so envy. For me is like a door where are you going to go to another world. When I’m so tired and I don’t have more strenght to life I’ll caught the camera and take the shots! When I took the pictures I’m stopped thinking about bad things, sad case and I’m enjoy! Really is like a great terapy for me. I lovely it!

If you want to improve your language you have to read more and more

245/365 days to B2

Since the beginning of the July when I change my blog platform to WordPress I discovered another world. It’s amazing how study language are opened your mind. It’s like blowing which open the window. Still I’ll be dreaming about my higher level skills (B2) and hard-working to. Maybe some people who try to learn study give me any tips and solustion of the better motivation. Maybe is there someone who told me that my English is very bad. But I don’t care about it, because I really want to learn English so quickly.
At present I’m going to finish one of the course on Supermemo. It’s really good platform if you want to study language. Of course still I use to learn free on and other platform. How to improve your language skills? I discovered own method how to study perfectly and I’m hopping that my English is not so bad. In the childhood I was read. More read and read. My parents gave a many books for me and I’m very grateful. I lovely read books and articles, magazines and so like. Then, when I was adult, I haven’t  more time to reading and I gave up. I have forgotten about this method. When I left my job and I have been  a unemployed for two years. Then I realized that I need to do something of myself and I started study language: read and write for beginner. Of course I didn’t have money to study, books and notebooks. I used the old not really saved my friend’s notebooks. Today I’m smiling again when I need to remember it. But then I couldn’t laugh of them. Yet two years ago, I don’t believe that I will write in English my own blog! It’s amazing too, because when I was going to school I couldn’t learn any languages. I think that I hasn’t a such motivation then earlier.
In Poland website is so many great Polish’s blog and Vlog. There are so many tips and tutorials how to improve your language skills. But the most of them is writing only Polish and don’t translate to English. And I want to read for free in English. Of course, I bought ten or twenty English books in the second-hand, but still is too difficult for me. And I prefer a short story, because I don’t have enough time  when I’m back home. If you prefer English magazine I can recommended you only English matters or English Business (Empik or on website). I think that the reading is crucial if you want to not forgotten many words which you had learned so far.

the Wedding may be…

241/365 days to B2


I wrote about the day of our wedding on older blog and this time I would like to write a bit more about preparing to the events. We decided that we needn’t to arrange traditional Polish wedding. If you want to know why you need to read the articles bellow.

We have a small party which will be last an 6 hour. We’ll taking a photographer and the music will be play on the DVD-player. Saving the money we’ll be to go on the honey trip. We have almost everything and I hope so it will be the beautiful day in ours life. I’d forgotten. The one part of the photo I did myself. I’m a photographer too. The invitations and labels  and decoration of the place too. I can do it and I was enjoy when I prepared it.


If you know the Polish wedding has very specified tradition. Maybe is someone who really love this tradition, but I don’t. What is like the Polish wedding? Of course is very expensive and much people are got a loan before this day. The loan will be pay for 20-30 years. Traditional Polish Wedding went on two days. The preparing of it are started which the day when the partner asked your future wife: Will you married me? Then we are called the future couple like „engaged couple” and they are starting arrange the wedding The first step is find the place which the party is beginning and then the date on the church or USC (The registry office). Of course we need to pay for it. If you have a termin and we had a luck and  the date coincides with the date restroom (two years before the wedding) we will  be able to thinking about the Orchestra, photos, menus, car,invitations, decorations, flowers, guests, rings, and clothes. Of course the witness (he) and witnesses (she) must have a flowers too. The man has a butonierka (the small flowers put into a suit) and the woman has a wedding bouquet, but they needn’t be bigger as the bride bouquet.

The couple you need to pay to church too. The priest says always what grace, but this amount is always above a thousand dollarsper hour. Then the bride and groom are going to the place where the celebration get started. After leaving the Church, young couple  are pouring the rice and money for luck. Are greeted by young parents with bread and salt. Then there is the traditional dinner for guests and the first dance. Next are toasts and dancing until dawn. More or less in half of the events are oczepiny. Bride unfastened the veil. Is no longer a madein. I used to be beaccompanied by ago chants. The Groom hasn’t a bow tie. Of course it is throwing the bouquet and flies. Who will catch quickly marry. Then is the time for a cake and dancing to till dawn. The second day starting about 13.00-14.00 and take to evening.

What version do you choose for you?


Notebook or modern Aplications?

240/365 days to B2

Are you arrange your work perfectly? Do you have any wonderful method? Do you have you own notebook and use to write down it or you prefer a modern technology? What kind of technology do you like the best? What do you think that a new technology helping you achievement the success? If you can to write your notebook what it be like?

Sooner or later each of us will be use a notebook. The notice is very important in our life. Let’s me explain to you. Every day we made more and more another things which we got use to  write on many piece of paper and we lost the most of them usual. Unfortunately we have a thousand of million possibility which you can used.

The first list is a notebook. It is the cheapest solutions to the problem. You can go to the shop and buy the first notebook what you like favourite it. But you can’t forget about something to write (pen, pencil or maybe fountain pen). But it is not good solution if you have a heavy bag. The notes may to wight. If you really like to write your notice you can used a modern technology like app to your phone (Android, Microsoft or iPod). However, this technology also has its cons. Way? Enough that you have forgotten a charger and in the around area there is no electricity. What will you doing on this situation?


I have two or three notebook, but I don’t like a notebook in check and the lines. I prefer a sleek paper, because I’m not to write only. When it comes to size, the most I like theformat between A7-A5. Each of them I have it to another: to study english words (I have a fifth notebook yet), planner and notebook which I used only my work. The planner – I have a modern version an app Google’s Calendar (CC). I have it just in case, when I can not take with you my bag. Maybe another time I’ll take a photo how to look my notebook for learning English.

Why do you like to write words on paper?

About design and my study

239/365 days to B2.
This is a short post about inspiration of my study.

Hello everyone! Today I’d like to discuss about design and how to design was influenced of my study. I’m hoping that it will be better post as before.
I’m trying to write more and more posts, however it is seems to me that they isn’t so easy. Why design? Because I was arounded him all the time and it was very closed on my life. When I’m writing something I think that I’m learning how to learn propertly. When you get started used study a language you don’t thinking about your progress and still in your mind dreaming how is your language could be perfect. Better study. Of course it has sense, if you want to – really want to learn and improve your skills. Undoubtedly, if you were used your motivation you are the winner!  Your knowledge still grow up and they is like plants on your garden. Thus, many popular blogs and website are writing about motivation and how could it used in your life. My motivation is design, new technology, many websites or blog and my work. However I don’t used to English language in my work, and no languages too, but sometimes the knowledge in the foreign languages is very helpful.
When I’m around of beautiful things I feel full energy and satisfied. And so is important I can study English again. Many of them is only English language and it is a great motivation to be success came. Design is my inspiration, a similar as photography, but I’ll write to it another time.
My oder blog still exist on, but here I was focussing about articles and more less write of myself. Everyday I’m trying to write something useful and I hope so it will be helping me in my study. Of course, I’m coming back to my post and still made a correct of them.

I have forgotten! It’s new version on my 365 days to B2 project.I would like to have ten or fifteen photos and used him all the time on my post.  I think that it will be more clarity than earlier.

If you want to thinking how many hour I spent to study – I’m answered not much. As most of you I’m working and doing a little housework. I didn’t add a time hour on new blog, and maybe for some day I’ll translate to my descriptions about me in English.


For women

Today’s post will be for women who likes wearing tights, classic belt stockings and stockings self supporting. The latest is more popular, because they don’t have to buy a suspender belt. In Polen we have a many good manufactured and one of them are Marilyn, Gabriela and Adrian. Each of the company has a own website which you have seen their products and specification in English. But I don’t write about company and whose products is better and not. Many people (women) who likes wear tights or stockings have to like wearing the skirts dress or skirts. For the time being I think that is natural and obviously. But no women don’t like when they are wearing your favourite tights and we have a mishap. The most common random event are, of course, when they laddered yours tights. Precisely when you have been enjoy of recent shopping since before. If you had this situation you’ll be to belief, when I told you: You are not alone! I’m going to write  in this post my opinion about wearing and used my tights.

The first name on my list is MARILYN. Why? Because I have enjoyed for the long time my tights or classic belt stockings. The tights are durabled and strong. One of my collections are used for 2 months, and this things is made of microfibra and is much strong then traditional yarn. The second place have a Gabriel and Adrian. Gabriel or Marilyn wearing very well, but  tights Gabriel’s is easier to pull up thethreads. I used to wear  tights Gabriel‚s maybe five or six time. My latest shoping was a classic belt stockings (Marilyn Aktive II) and I would like to say something positive: each of us you need to try it! The stockings are very comfortable and they didn’t remove during the walking.

I’ll use on the next time and I’ll be write more.

Unfortunatelly GATTA. I need to write a negative opinion. Is the worst brand of tights what I had. I don’t know where is the old Polish brand which they were remembered ours mother and grandmothers.  I didn’t buy this products again.


Summer sales

236/365 Days to B2

Do you have not to dress? If you are a woman, I think that your answer is YES. Almost each women stand by the own cupboard has the same problem. How many times your partner or friends hears your voice: I have nothing to wear! My clouds aren’t fashion or something like they aren’t passed,  etc. Today’s post will be about fashion, an exactly Summer sales.

Generally, I’m not interested in fashion and I’m not follow the latest fashion trends. But only I wear what I really like. I prefer comfortable clothing to fashionable one. And what do you usually wear? For the time being I feel best in jeans and shirt. I love high heels and skirts. Unfortunatelly, my biggest problem is my size 34.  Therefore I hate buing a new clothes. Smaller clothes are not popular in Polen, because many women were wearing normal size between 36-38. The clothing manufactures or brand are produced standard size. But what is a kind of the conection witch summer sales? I would like to explain to you. Summer sales are very insightful, because when you are looking something special for you and they haven’t found still have you incredible ocassion to buy something intresting and for lower price. But isn’t so important! Many clothes that are not sold so far aredisplayed again on store hangers. Then, as usuall many clothes is mostly in smaller size or large. Really, we can find a fashion beads. We can change all our wardrobe without any human efforts. Simple? I think that indeed! Many people are used of sale oferts. And you? What did you buy at last? Still, many people, however, directs only the price. When buying new clothes for the sales Icolor my closet. Each of my clothes need to fit together perfectly to some things which I have. It’s very difficult task, because if you have seen a lot of people running in the shop and choosing many clothes – you can fall into the sale trap. What kind of tips  I could give you, if you want to avoild slip of sale trip? I think that the best solution are going to the own list or pictures your own clothes which you take the day of before.

I would like to wish you a successful shopping and have a good day!

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