Why I decided to change my blog platform…

234/365 Days to B2

to Wordprress? I think that it was easy and crucial movement into my level skills. I was thinking about them since several months. WordPress has more possibility as blogspot.com and everyone knows about them. But I want to get to like it myself. The first problem what I have to change was problem with formating everything what I wanted. I couldn’t add a new motives or changes CSS code. I decided for free version (domain wordpress.com), but if I’ll be satisfied with wordpress I’ll thinking about version premium. Of course, for the time being I needed to enjoy what I have. It’s another. Hardly? I think that it is. I have more options and some of them it isn’t translate on Polish. Of course, when I’m going to learn English, but a lot of concept I don’t uderstand. I’m interesting if I’ll be send this post to my older blog?  It is a possiblility or not? What do you think about them?
Generally, I really like blogspot.com. I have fewer blogs there. But here, I would like write to more profesionaly and really want to improve my English skills. If you know, I’ll be have a small anniversary on 24. November this year. I would like to be better as now. I wrote about my dream to knows some language perfectly. When I achievement the second level of my study I bought black pen. Now, when I have got a third level I’ll be very pround of myself. But if I’ll to do I need to more write, speak and listening to English. I would like to have a place to better motivate here.
Wordpress is better clarity and cleaner as blogspot.com (B). For the time being I think that they was more colourlful as (B). There was far for being completed, but It seems to me that it will be OK.

Link  – I think that it will be very useful for us:



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