I stoped learn more…

275/365 days to B2

I don’t know when and why, but I supposed that I stopped learn English. Therefore today’s post will include what are you doing if you motivation to study is less as usual.

  1. The first – it is normal and don’t panic! If you want to achieve the goal you must be a patient.
  2.  The second – to read some or look at your achievement so far. I think that are incredible, if you look at property for it.
  3.  The third – Your backlog hardly  have to so big if you want to repeat only 15 minutes per day.

My standstill started before the wedding day. Many issue and problems was very complex. When I came from work I was very exhausted. It wasn’t tired. Today the extauched is a very good attribute. But I still believe that I can do it. Then, my MP3 player has stopped working and I have stopped listening to some podcast in English. I bought a wonderful English book (only twelve lesson) and I can’t finish of them. Maybe I need to organizer better as usual. Maybe… or I need to take more rest.

Of course, when I’m writing something in English I remember more phrases and words which I have been learned so far, but it’s not the same. The person who learning a different language knows this problem. I can say „Nothing comes to my mind” and add the dot. Maybe the second part of my book is to hard for me. However I decided that I can do it and I will be writing here again.
Motivation – I have for my eyes a pictures when I started my first step in English. It’s not a problem, still the same, still exists. I thing that I’m boring. Finally I’m doing all the time steps, for 640 days, 20 hours, 15 minutes and several seconds.

Tell me that it’s worth it.


small sadness

275/365 Days to B2

Generaly I don’t know how to called today’s post. I have had a heavy weekend at last. I’m get a allergy and I don’t know what kind of alergy is. As if that wasn’t enough, I have a problem with the foot. I can’t walk. The good news is I finished documentation and I have all documents to new name! It’s awesome feeling, when you are a wife/husband 🙂 I think that the marriage change everything. We’ll started see more and our feeling are stronger.  And I finished selection some pictures for our Wedding album 🙂

However I would like to fast recover my health.