Another day…

312/365 days to B2
almost perfectly

Hello! Yesterday I had a great day. I took a beautiful photo and I received an honourable! I’m very happy and I had another motivation for my studying 🙂 Today I have taken another photo project and I have entered to the list on Project Design Festival in my city. The Festival PD are famous and very popular and this time I’m going to go and I’m hoping take wonderful photos 🙂 Of course, I remember about my English project and still I’m learning very hard. I would like to improve my English skills as quickly as possible. Yesterday I bought a new flash SB700 on my camera. I knew, it would be a new lens, but the flash was cheaper as it. And I’m going to learn how to use my camera and… I’m very happy, because it was my dream. I would like a great photography studio and own company. But still… I need to a new job 🙂 because my dreams come true. I need to have some money to live 🙂

1. I’m going to run my photography blog and google+ acount.
2. I would like to take more better pictures 🙂
3. I would like to improve my skills 😉

moj blog today



305/365 days to B2

I haven’t written on my blog, because I was very busy yesterday. I you know, still I’m looking for a new job. I need to a great portfolio so fast. At least I found a solution of my problem. I create a new website on WordPress and I have my own portfolio. I would like to have my company, but I never have had enough money to can do it. My own site is very simple, but I need to create a modern project. Why? Because my old projects aren’t modern and the employer is looking at a new technology and style. If you are a graphic designer you need to be up to date with thegraphics. Otherwise I need to make few leaflet, posters and digipack on my new website. And it take some times. And soon as possible I need to create a new business card for me. When I have married and changed my last name the previous business cards are out of date.
What else?
I’m waiting for my cake… I’m hoping that will be delicious! For 30 minutes I need to remove the apple cake from the oven.

Have a good day!

Family album

301/365 days to B2


I don’t feel good today and I think that I have a stomach pain. I have drunk a camomile and it seems to like a bit better. On Saturday I received our wedding album from photographer. The photos are so beautiful and I think that we have never looked so good!

Do you like a family album? What kind of album you have in your cupboard?

Why the weekend is always so short?

300/365 days to B2


Today’s day is almost as usual. I woke up earlier than earlier and went to the kitchen. My husband done our breakfast and we drunk delicious Late coffee. Then we are started to packing. Today we are going to visit our parents. I think that it will be a great lazy weekend for all. Around me is strange feeling  who fit my soul and I was supposed that everything will be OK. The first time on my life I have hardly think about my future. I would like to going which the flow.

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the last two hundred and ninety-nine days of my first project

299/365 days to B2
My first project P1/365 days to B2



Uff… only two months to finish my first project P1/365 days to B2 . It seems to like a impossible! Tomorrow will be start a wonderful day. For me it will be the great success of my life! Otherwise I would like to share with you my new schedule.

And my binder looks like so beautiful!

Important data:
28.09.2016 I bought SUPER MEMO B1 course. This course was available for 28.11.2015.
20.04.2016 I bought SUPER MEMO B2-C1 course and  I have been almost on finished!

Today I will start create a new plan of my learning. For the time being, I’m going to build a new project which will be valid for one year. I’m not sure how I will called my second project , but I think that „P2/365 days to B2-C1” will be perfect.

What we are able to remember during to study?

We are learning all the time. But if we can study propertly? For the time being I will finish my small English book and I would have to start repeat something word and phrases. At the whole I would like to write down all of the words on my book and started preparing a new English project. This time it will be called „conclusion to B2” . I think that I will leave the number of the series. At least will be running to a new project 🙂 Everything for motivate of course.


How I’m going to simulate my motivation to study…

298/365 days to B2
MY MOTIVATE is still growing again 😉


I think that I had a bit stagnation. Yes, I need to confess to you: I didn’t want to study English. Yes, I had a such moment too stopped of all. But I’m very proud of myself and I didn’t do it. It’s very hard to keep on your motivate on the float.

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Photography, autumn and about my dreams

297/365 days to B2

Nothing comes to my mind. When I decided that I haven’t  got a new contract on my job it seems like a die or verdict of a die. But I’m still life and I’m feel good. My English project has developed and I think that I have  much time to study more.

Howevedsc_1102_72-dpi-wrzesien2016mr, soon begins the calendar autumn. It’s the best time for take a photo and wonderful time to  walking among  the tree. I have never took photos on September, but this time I did differently. This photo who I took several days before is very unusual for me. It’s one of the great moments, when the sun is shining and you have a camera with you… I lovely this pictures.

My dreams are closered by me. Still, I’m hopping that I will buy a new lens for my camera. But, now – I know that it’s not simple. Sometimes I hardly know it’s possible. When you haven’t got a new job more things can’t exist or ceases not meaning. I hope so I will be still learning English and I will be make good progress. Of course I would like to have a own company, own children but sometimes It’s seems to be so distans.

I’m going to find a ninth job, but the first I need to write better resume and correct my CV. Maybe it’s a good time to some English book? I was supposed that I can’t enough strength to study more and my motivate is more and more less. I’m afraid that I can do it to study more.

When I read English blogs, the young people, who achievement so much – I think that I can more and more time and money to do it similar as myself. When are you young is very important too going to good school, university, and then you have much better opportunity to achievement success. Your success. My parents gave me everything what could. unfortunately, it was too less. I haven’t congratulated a great school and all my live I need to fight or better life. (Of course my parents are thinking that the school who I congraduated was the best of the world). Constantly have to fight on all levels of life. Sometimes I’m very envy the people who parents gave a better start in the future.




The thremendous problem of young people

I’m looking for a new job…

294/365 days to B2

Yesterday I have informed about my job contract and I received negative answer. My old contract was die out and I hopping that I still will work at this place. unfortunately the last day of my contract is 12. September and my boss have been telling me  about it the day od the day before  deadline contract. In Poland is normal when your boss told you the end of the day (read: the last hour of work). Nobody informed you and told you for one month earlier. I don’t understand this. It was my 8 job in my career and I have a fairly! I have been working since 2006 year. Still I heard – you have a great achievement, great personality skills and I can work the client very well… thus… I’m very expensive employee. I’m 35 years old and I would like to start family and have children. But HOW ? not working? How to have kids when ever I’m afraid of tomorrow and I do not know whether I will have for them to raise? Work refunded is governed by other laws. The end of the funding-new employee. And Yes you can for free hire employees without end.
I don’t know what can I do and thinking about working in my country, but is very hardly have  had a good work in today’s world. The one of good news is that I still have been learning English!  And I’m not going to give up!