Nothing comes to my mind

326/365 days to B2

Today’s day is very lazy for me. I didn’t nothing. Nothing and I feel very ill. Every part of my body pain me and I think that I’m a cold. Of course still I’m trying to study English and looking for a new job. But the second things is not so simple as I think. eh. I need to take some photo today, but I can’t. Maybe tomorrow I will be feel better and it will be better time for it. And I have forgoten… I received a small pack from the courier. Yesterday I ordered some photos and they came out so beautifuly. I’m very happy of them.



Mulled wine

315/365 days to B2


Today I had a day all of creativity. I took a photo 🙂 and long for autumn full of the sun. Today will be a short post. I need to do something special and I need to time.


One wine, one orange and some species: cloves, aniseed.


The first days of October

314/365 days to B2

Today’s week is very lazy. I woke up early this morning, make a tea and I’m thinking about my plans and future life. If you know, I haven’t a job and I’m unemployed person who looking for a new job. But in my country it’s not a quickly. I’m  good, sometimes very good, but the Polish job market is hard. Many of people who want to start a new job (of course I’m thinking about the talented people) couldn’t do it. Why? Because the employer would prefer to employ people fo free. Yes, for free. Does still pain me? Yes, because this case applicable me. Immediately. Sometimes, I feel like a person who someone a very long time got a gift. The gift called „talented for many things”. And gave a patiente and perseverance too. So that the person don’t give up if they find around the malicious people. The people who want to have your gift and they they don’t want to give anything in return.

Yesterday I took a beautiful  product photo. I would like to take a more and more pictures for another people who want to have a beautiful home and for promotion too. I’m thinking about how to extended your audience too more and more visit on my  photography blog. I have done a lot of  work yesterday and today’s day will be look at similar as before. If you want to interesting about my photo blog I would like to invite you on my webpage or (platform for polish people who don’t know any language). Of course I have a google+ account, and link is HERE.