2_3/365 days for my new project (NP17)

On the tram

Today’s weather is awful. Rain in the morning and I think that it will not better. The first think what I thought was my English plan for this year. I need to learn English and I hope so I will be perfect on it.

Yesterday I have an amazing situation on the tram. When I have to get off on the next station  the young girl came to me and asked: Do you know English language? She has needed a help to buy a ticket. Her credit card not working on the ticket machine. I remembered that I had an additional ticket on my wallet. And I gave it for her.
I’m very proud of myself, because I managed on this situation perfectly and automatically. Of course, the lack me some words, but it’s doesn’t matter. I opened my mind, focus and speaking with her. I really like this situation.

Than, when I came back I remembered that I need to check if the one of my English magazine is available on Empik shop. Of course I was surprised that the story was development but I found the magazine without any problem. I bought a new edition English Masters and I started read of them yesterday. I realized that I need to learn English more effective and always then when I will be have a more time.



2_2/365 days for my tiny Alice (NP17)



2/365 days for my tiny Alice – I haven’t called my next English project yet.

2/1/365 days

I didn’t write so long ago. Of course, I finished my first English project. I have done a little break of my study, but I have never stopped learn English. In the mean time my hard disk in my laptop was broken and I lost all of my until now work. It was horrible, but I don’t give up and recovered all of my password and documents. Unfortunately, I haven’t recovered most of my photography.

Previous monts was for me very interested and gave to me more experience for my life. I think that my future will be another and better as usual. I would like to study English every day, but I don’t know if I can do it. Although became pregnant is not a property arguments to stop my study – my mind was change. Every items which I have done was change and my priority too. When are you coming for your first baby your thinking, working and all of you is subordinated to be parents soon. It’s amazing time for me, but my study isn’t so like as was earlier. I realized that I’m forgot most of the vocabulary which I have learned. I hope that it paint them quickly.