My daily planning

2_16/365 days (NP17)

Hello! Today’s day I’ll try to write a post in English. The main of topic is planning. What does it mean for me? The planning is one of most important things of my life. Of course, normally I use to do it on the beautiful card. As usual my plan card is a simple part of page on my notebook. It doesn’t matter.
I really like make a planning. When I doing something and I can realize it – I’m very pround of myself. When I’m writing down something of the paper cards I feel better and I’m completely sure that I’ll realize it and I don’t forgot about something crucial.
Yesterday I made an example page for this blog. I would like to be most of all the words in English. I hope so it does make it for me. Some planning card you need to find on Internet. Many people’s made a ready pattern and you need to add to their website. In my opinion it’s very useful if you want to decorate your blog or create a new post, but in the reality we don’t have a time to printed out all pages on your own printer. We’ll hurry up to work or another occupations. The our life is filled with items, where we’ll try to realize of most or less results. The lack us the time. That is why we should make a plan your daily life. Maybe someone tell me that it’s less important thing, because they need to prepare more another things to build a wonderful part of the own page. We are waste a time. Nothing further from the truth! At the beginning of the planning road we’ll see chaos and more and more untidily. We can see our life which was earlier. Sometimes which people’s may arise a terror. But I’m sure that it will be better.

I have always made a plan. I can do it and I don’t thinking about them. I can remember a few things at the time and I haven’t forgoten. That is why I’m thinking that the good planning  learn us how can we be ale to good memory. By dint of planning we are a better person, more organized and we have more time to own hobby.

karta dnia blog post
Inspiracje do karty dnia znalazłam na blogu Karty są darmowe i do pobrania. Ja swoją troszkę zmodyfikowałam pod siebie.


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